What’s Your Book About? It’s Like A MashUp of…


“So, what’s your book about Kate?”

Well, that a great question.  I thought you’d never ask. Just kidding, of course! For awhile, I agonized about how to adequately answer that question, and then – BA-Bamm – I had an epiphany!

I realized the reason I was ruminating about this question and  answer so much was because Faith In Avalanches has multiple storylines that intertwine throughout the book.   It’s like a MashUp of a Lifetime Movie with The Good Wife, with a Criminal Minds Twist and a  Gone Girl Psychotic Edginess! It’s a MashUp of interesting characters, the good, the bad, and the ugly, driven by Karma and life’s avalanches.

What a relief, I feel much better now that I’ve classified Faith In Avalanches. However, I don’t believe there’s currently a MashUp genre for books, so technically I’ll still have to classify it as Contemporary Fiction – that’s a Suspense Thriller – with a Legal Twist – about Sociopaths – Love – Betrayal – Murder – Vengeance and Karma – with a Neo-Noir dark edginess.


Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”


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Holidays Come And Holidays Go – But Memories Live On

photo(117)Lately it seems like a lot of people are less than enthralled with celebrating traditional holidays. Here, there and everywhere you hear comments like, “What’s all the fuss about?” Or “It’s just another holiday – probably no different than the one the year before, or the year before that.”

I understand why some people might allow themselves to think that way, however, they are wrong. Holidays are specific markers in the timelines of people’s lives, family traditions, and the history of where we live and our heritage. Again, I can anticipate the comments, “Why should I care about how my Great Grandparents celebrated their holidays back in the day?” Well because everything that they did back in the day, paved the way for us to have the right to celebrate, or not celebrate now. So Holidays Come And Holidays Go, and if we continue to dilute the traditions that created them we must face the reality that someday there will be no reason to acknowledge them at all.

So this Thanksgiving when you decide to ignore your Aunt’s Pumpkin Pie made from her mother’s secret recipe; or you refuse to join into the toast before dinner because you’re annoyed at your Dad for always saying the same things every year; or your cousin couldn’t get the day off from work to come to dinner, just ask yourself, “how would you feel if next year there was a decree that holidays would no longer be given by employers as a paid day off for any professions, and there were no special pictures to Pin or Post or Tweet or even to print and frame? How would you feel if there were no new special memories to be made, to live on into the future, from special holidays celebrated?

As I write this I’m watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, just as I have year after year for many, many years. What wonderful traditional holiday stories Charles Shultz gave to all of us when he wrote all his Charlie Brown holiday stories. What a wonderful use of his talents and gifts to create timeless traditional holiday stories shared by generation after generation. Those of us who are writers have an opportunity to support all of the wonderful holidays, and their accompanying traditions and celebrations.

Yes,  Holidays Come And Holidays Go  but if we’re lucky, thankfully for those who celebrate them and their traditions, holidays are markers of time, tributes to family members who are still here and also those who are now gone, and most importantly they are memory makers of special memories that have the potential to live on and on…
Happy Thanksgiving!

Kate Woods
I Aspire To Inspire


I’m very excited to be launching my new book Faith In Avalanches. To celebrate I’m giving away free copies of Are You In Love With Being In Love.  It’s a collection of many of my best articles on Love and Betrayal, Cheating and Karma and many of the topics that I researched and spent many hours thinking about while I was writing Faith In Avalanches.  These articles are meant to inspire my readers and that is why I pulled them together into a collection.  Over the years I received many wonderful comments on this content so hopefully you will find them interesting and helpful.  Are You In Love With Being In Love is a PDF that you can download and it is absolutely free.  Just click on the link on the bar above and complete the contact form and type the word GIVEAWAY in the subject line.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my happiness about my book launch than giving a free gift to my readers.  Sign up and enjoy!

While you’re on my site, I’d consider it a favor if you’d also read my blog post “Why I Wrote Faith In Avalanches – The Back Story” and it goes without saying that I hope you will return often and comment on the posts.  I’d love to hear from you.



Book Launch Mystery Lovers

I have a new wonderful special memory thanks to Mystery Lovers Bookshop and everyone who attended my book launch. This past Saturday Mystery Lovers hosted a Coffee & Crime Event to “Launch” my new book – Faith In Avalanches. Laurie, the owner, was kind enough to interview me about my book with professional style and ease.

As I looked around the room at the faces focused on me as I answered the questions about my book, I focused on all of their  faces.  There were some friendly faces of readers who I did not know who had registered for the event. There were also many familiar faces of my amazing friends and supportive family members, and my publishers.  Some of them probably could have answered some of the questions for me because I had been working on Faith In Avalanches for just about three years, and many of them had listened to me ramble about my storyline and my characters, and anything that was book related in my head, that I had to bounce off of someone with a fresh perspective.

It was a big deal, not only for me that I’d finished my book, but also for all the people who traveled the path with me off and on for those three years. Not one of them would ever be able to comprehend how special it was for me to see all their smiling faces listening to me talk about “my book” again, now that it was finally finished.

My inaugural launch event at Mystery Lovers Bookshop was just the first event of the launching of my book. These days a book launch is not just one day, it’s a series of events to make your book more and more visible and recognizable to readers.  I am sure that there will be other events that I will thoroughly enjoy, but those smiles and grins at the first event were as satisfying as the first smile of a newborn baby.

It’s important to acknowledge and thank all the people who travel the path with you to your special inaugural book launch or any other special goal you traveled a path to reach.

“Friends and Family support you through your hopes and dreams and aspirations, and as they do, they help you create special new memories to cherish forever!”

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”


Very early in my writing career I decided with very little difficulty what I’d use as my tag line because I knew why I wanted to write. I aspired to inspire people to improve and enhance their lives. So, it was logical that my tag line would read “I Aspire To Inspire”. I wanted to make a difference with my writing, whether it was fiction or non-fiction because it was clear that there were many unhappy, confused people in the world who could benefit from a little inspiration. Most of my early work was light easy reading. It was easy to infuse inspiration into holiday books and self-help books, and articles. But as time passed I found that readers and movie goers were much more engaged by edgy work. So, I set out to write what trends were indicating that people were now interested in reading. That was just about 3 years ago when I started writing Faith In Avalanches.

Faith In Avalanches is Contemporary Fiction that’s a bit like a Lifetime Movie merged with The Good Wife, with a Criminal Minds Twist. It has conflict, murder, mayhem, mystery, betrayal, love, vengeance and Karma to keep your heart beating and your mind racing to the last page!

It’s a socially relevant story about bad people who do bad things to good people, and force them to their breaking points. Its about the epidemic proportions of dangerous social predators in our society, and our relationships, and the related facts, including that there are consequences to everything a person does – sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not. It’s also about the Law of Karma and inevitability and unshakable faith that “what goes around comes around.”

It is estimated that 4% of the population are sociopaths (1 in 25 people). Are you sharing your life with one? If you are seek professional counseling. Don’t try to deal with them on your own. Life is not a fictional novel. Faith In Avalanches is a fictional novel and Julietta Christopher Esq. is a fictional character who gives Karma a little help when she’s pushed to her limits. Narcissists and

Sociopaths manipulate and destroy their victims. In Faith In Avalanches Julietta Christopher Esq. tries to create new laws to deal with the depraved heart murder of the heart of the victims of sociopaths. “Is it only murder when the heart stops beating or is it murder when the heart is so badly broken that you wish it would stop beating?” Liars lie! Cheaters cheat! Sociopaths in relationships do both – and sometimes they reap what they sow! Sometime Karma handles that and sometimes Karma gets a little help.

I wrote Faith In Avalanches to shed light on this issue with the hope that if more people become aware of these serious relationship predators, more people will be able to identify them if they meet them, and are targeted as the victims of their crimes against the heart. These crimes against the hearts and minds need to be prosecuted, because they are undermining the structure of humanity by becoming the norm and making love and marriage only distant dreams for so many, and they are precipitating abuse and violence.

I still have the same goals for my writing as I did when I started writing – “I Aspire To Inspire” people to do good things even when faced with what seems like insurmountable evilness. My characters in Faith In Avalanches were all pushed to their breaking points and their solutions were not always good choices, but this storyline and the characters and their actions was created to depict the fact that even good people can be driven to do bad things when they are pushed past their breaking point by sociopathic manipulators and tormentors.

Life’s avalanches are always building and “I Aspire to Inspire” everyone to protect their own heart and soul and happiness!


– Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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WHY DID YOU WRITE THAT?………………………………….


photo(330)People often ask me and other writers – why do you write – or why did you write that – or where do you get your ideas? For me, the first thought that often comes to mind as my answer is a quote from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

Writing is all about the background music of life and the dreaming of dreams. In both Fiction and Non-Fiction even negative story lines tell the tale of how negatives can turn into positives, and how a difficult path can end at a happy place. Realistically, life isn’t all positive but we make it through the difficult times because it is human nature for us to want to believe that “hope springs eternal” and that hope rises like a bird in flight to lead you forward. If you allow yourself to believe that, it will help you to get past the obstacles that are on your path as you always move toward the happy endings that you dream about in your dreams, to the background music of your life.

Please stop back often as we explore both the negatives, the positives and the in- betweens of the Relationships of Life.