What Do YOU Aspire To Do? I Aspire To Inspire!

"I Aspire To Inspire" - Author, Kate Woods  - What do you aspire to do?
“I Aspire To Inspire” – Author, Kate Woods – What do you Aspire to be or to do with your life?

What do you Aspire to be or to do with your life? Do you want to climb a mountain, be the captain of your own ship, or the captain of your own destiny? Perhaps you want to create a cozy home for yourself, or yourself and your family. Do you want to create and run your own business? Or do you want to work for a charity that helps others get through their days. Perhaps it’s your destiny to find a cure for all forms of cancer or other deadly diseases. Or maybe you want to be a Politician who really hopes to see world peace in your lifetime.

If you have no goals or aspirations to do anything in particular, then I have a question for you. Do you really think the world would keep on evolving, and families would thrive, books would be written, songs would be sung, movies would be made, and things would be built, etc., etc. if people didn’t have aspirations? Aspirations are what lead to all results. Because someone aspired to teach reading is why you can read what I’ve written. Because someone aspired to make an easy really good sandwich is why PB & J sandwiches exist. Because someone aspires to keep improving technology we can press a button or click a mouse or touch and swipe a screen and millions of people can see what we’ve written and posted almost instantaneously. Because someone aspired to make the world a better place there are political activists who try to rise above the sludge of the political games to help those who need help.

Someone’s Aspirations are the Motivation for so many of life’s wonderful things, amazing activities, creative endeavors, medical miracles, solutions to the troubles of the world, and so forth and so on. We may not always succeed but recognizing what your aspiration is and attempting to succeed is the goal so in reality we all succeed.

“I Aspire To Inspire YOU…!”

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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