Authors Have Unique Holiday Opportunities


At this time of year when so many of us are thinking about what we want for Christmas and what we want to give to others, we as authors have a unique opportunity.  Most of us love to share our gifts when we write our books and stories and blog posts.  We share our knowledge,  our thoughts and our ideas and many authors publish and share free Kindle versions of books.

I recently participated in a Gathering of Authors event at a local  library and at that time the thought crossed my mind that it would be nice if the library added a copy of my current book to their contemporary fiction section.  It was a fleeting thought then;  but today it returned and I decided that I could make that happen.  I decided that I would give a copy of my book to several of the library branches in neighboring communities as part of my holiday journey this year.

A few years ago I heard the song Words Are Your Wheels written by Phil Vassar and Julie Wood,  and performed by Phil Vassar and friends – Martina McBride, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney, and Sara Evans.  It’s a “Song To Promote Literacy.  The lyrics are all about journeys that readers can take.

“Words are your wheels
To take you anywhere you feel…
Your mind is an automobile
And words are your wheels…”

 At this time of the year when we focus so much on gifts and giving, we as authors, have a unique opportunity to help readers take journeys by sharing our work, if we are able to, by donating a few copies of our books to the local libraries.

I Wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and Wonderful Journeys!

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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