Dancing As Fast As I Can …

Dancing As Fast As I Can
“I Really Am Dancing As Fast As I Can!” Author – Kate Woods – How fast can you dance…?

How Long Can You Dance?

How long can a person keep up the pace that it takes to keep dancing through the difficulties of life and its many relationships? Are you metaphorically dancing through raindrops; or dancing in the sweltering sun trying to get your daily to do list done?

How Fast Can You Dance?

People can only dance to any pace or any music for so long before they realize that they’re tired and they just might want to stop and yell out “I’m dancing as fast as I can”. If you feel that way, maybe it’s time to stop momentarily and to regroup. Stop dancing to the imaginary background music of your life for awhile or change it to a different beat, or a different pace. It can be a difficult thing to do but if you can’t keep dancing faster and faster, perhaps its time to consider if stopping or changing the pace and the focus of your life is an option.

Sometimes You Need a Break

Actual dancing is a great way to express your inner self; and a great way to exercise, and an excellent emotional outlet for stress and anxiety. But a person may need a break even from something as beneficial as dancing. It can be exhausting to keep pushing yourself if you need a break. Just like life, too much of anything can be exhausting and demoralizing when you feel like no matter how fast you dance, or how much you work to reach any goal, or how much you do everyday, sometimes you just can’t keep up with all that life demands of you.

How much can you accomplish in an hour, in a day, or longer? How many problems can you solve without running out of solutions? So if you’re doing as much as you can do, and people still keep expecting more and more from you, perhaps it’s just time to realize that you’re dancing as fast as you can to the imaginary music always playing in the background of your life.

Set Your Own Tempo And Dance To It’s Music

Sometimes in a relationship of any kind it’s difficult to agree on choices of music or the pace of a relationship and that applies to relationships with others or your own relationship with yourself. You can turn that make-believe music, that’s setting your pace, off for a while so you can focus on what you really want to come next. Then you can decide what kind of music you want playing in the background to set the beat of your steps and moves as you dance forward to the music that you choose and that you love. Remember, the most important musical beat you should hear and follow is the beat of your own heart. Listen to it, hear it and dance to its beat, as it sets your tempo and then follow it and Dance To The  Music.

Life Is Not An Episode of Dancing With The Stars…

Life is not an episode of  Dancing With The Stars.  In real life when the music stops there are many things to do besides preparing for the next episode. In life the episodes have no breaks in between them – each episode runs into the next one and sometimes the music stops but you still have to keep moving.  So choose the music that moves you, soothes you, amuses you, motivates you and inspires you and Keep On Dancing… to your own pace – as the little voice in you head speaks to you and says –


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