How To Deal With Illogical People

photo(275)Can you be logical with illogical people? Can you make them see things your way? Should you try, or should you take a different approach? Sometimes you can make progress if the person is just a little bit stubborn; but sometimes you’re just fighting a losing battle.  and often they make us so exasperated that we just want to tell them to “Go Fly A Kite”…  However,  that’s probably not a very good approach to dealing with logical or illogical people.

In the beginning we were all born. I know sometimes we meet people who seem like they were hatched or dropped onto this planet by aliens; and sometimes you meet people who you realize were born but that they seem to have been born under a rock. Perhaps you may even think that they were born under a rock and created by the bonding of two other rocks. Maybe that is because they are as stubborn and as hard as a rock. Still just like the Pet Rocks that were popular some years ago, they can sometimes hold your interest and can  even become endearing to you; but they can also unfortunately hurt you with their insensitivity and stubbornness and lack of logic and understanding. If your pet rock drops on your foot it hurts. If you are treated badly by an illogical insensitive person it hurts.

So what do you do about it? Do you avoid them? Maybe you can try that, but sometimes that’s not possible due to life’s circumstances or relationships that are important to you even with all these difficulties. If it is logical and possible, perhaps you should use avoidance as a tactic. Or perhaps you can try to make them see your logical point of view, over and over again until you are so frustrated that you want to cry? Well, that’s probably not a good idea because you cannot usually make an illogical person think logically for whatever reason. Maybe they have control issues, or medication issues, or emotional issues that cause them to be illogical, so you probably won’t succeed in making them see things in your logical way. Should you try to hurt them first before they hurt you? Well, now we know that hurting other people is never a good solution to any problem and we’ve all heard that two wrongs don’t make a right.

So, if you’ve been trying over and over again to make an illogical person become logical, isn’t that just about as illogical as thinking that a Pet Rock can return your attention; or that if you talk to that Pet Rock enough and ask it not to hurt you, that if you drop it on your foot you will not feel any pain, because you asked it not to hurt you. Perhaps as a logical person you might have to realize that some people are just always going to be illogical for their own reasons no matter how you try to change that fact.

If you’ve been trying to no avail to make someone see things from your perspective, perhaps you need to try a different approach by changing your reactions to them. Perhaps you need to do some self-talk and change what you can change in the scenario by looking at reality and what you actually can do because it’s something that you can control. Many of you may have heard the saying –

“You Can’t Get Blood Out Of A Stone.”

Well, I think that maybe it’s safe to say that trying to make an illogical person logical is just about as impossible!

Kate Woods
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