Do You Have A Writing Obsession?

Are You A Writer? Why Do You Write? Do You Have A Writing Obsession? Kate Woods, Author
Are You A Writer? Why Do You Write? Do You Have A Writing Obsession? Kate Woods, Author

Are you a Writer?  If you are, then I’ll just bet that you ask yourself this question often. “Why Do I Write?”

Do You Have A Writing Obsession?”
Writing is often a very thankless endeavor and sometimes it’s a very upsetting journey. Yet other times it makes you feel very free because once the words are written you no longer have to try to remember them until you have a minute to write them down. However, the relief of writing those words is short lived as new words replace them in a writer’s head, and they are also screaming to make their way to a computer screen or a piece of paper.

Have you ever tried to stop yourself from writing?
Have you ever tried to give up your craft of writing? Personally, I don’t think its possible. I’ve sometimes been so busy with living life, and all that entails that I’ve stopped preforming the actual ritual of sitting down to write the chatter from the recesses of my mind, but after a short while I find I have a new task to deal with as a result, because I just can’t find anything in my purse because of all the small pieces of paper, with just a few words scrawled on each of  them as reminders of topics that “interest me” that I’m planning to write about.

So my answer to my own question of, “Why Do You Write?” is actually very simple.

“I write because I sometimes feel like there is something being dictated to me  in my head that I am compelled to share so I write it, type it, record it, etc.  I am driven to commit it to a form of written word. There are so many words spinning in my head that they must come out to avoid over-crowding of my mind, and my purse, and my life. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m obsessed or possessed. I mean who is that dictating entire books to me?  But if it’s obsession or if it’s possession, I just hope it continues until I complete my book series – The Witchery – because I love all the characters, the fantasy, the magic and the fun that I’m having writing it.  I just can’t wait to see what happens next.”

So, “Why do YOU write?”
I’d love to hear from others obsessed with the craft of writing, and writing, and writing…. Do you also feel like you have someone dictating to you in your head? Now I hope you all know I’m just kidding about that.  At least I think I am – LOL

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be!

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Kate Woods
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6 thoughts on “Do You Have A Writing Obsession?”

  1. I actually explore this and a lot more in my episodic novella series The Writer on Amazon, but to the point I would say I write for much the same reason you do, because I am compelled to create. Telling a story is such an old human pastime that it in some aspects, is intrinsic to us all. I just find it soothing in some instances.

    1. Yes, I agree that telling a story is often very soothing. However, sometimes it can be just the opposite for me. I find it can be very frustrating when a thought pops into my head that I want to add to a work in progress, and I’m in the middle of doing something important. That’s when my habit of writing everything down as I think of it for future use becomes an obsession until I manage to write it down somewhere, or at least enter it in my notes on my phone. But some of my best ideas have been the ones that I scribbled on a scrap of paper for future reference and found later. So I guess there’s something to be said for obsession being a good quality for some writers.

  2. Been writing since I could write, so it’s a bit like breathing: I’d have problems stopping. If I don’t write something, every day, or have to go for a prolonged period without writing, I feel antsy and rather unwell. I guess that makes me either a writer or addicted to writing. Or both?

    1. I’d say that definitely makes you a writer addicted to writing! I know that’s what I am, but it’s a pretty great addiction, right? It’s a great way to not only get in touch with feelings that we might otherwise just ignore, that make us feel “antsy and rather unwell” as you said. I think that’s a perfect description of how many writers feel when they try to ignore their obsession for lack of time, or energy or for whatever reason. That’s probably why so many of us find a way to fit it in as much as possible, even in the middle of the night. I choose writing over sleeping many nights until I read what I just wrote and I’m not sure what I meant when I wrote it a few seconds ago. I think writing is a pretty great obsession…

  3. The bigger question for me is: How is it that some people don’t HAVE to write? Like you, things pop in my head that won’t go away till they’re committed to some form of tangible existence. Whether it’s waking up with a poem that’s already composed or a thought that haunts me till I exorcise it in print, there doesn’t seem to be a way NOT to write.

    1. I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone in this obsession. You know what I hate the most about it though is when I have this perfect verse spinning in my head with no ability to write it down or record it, and I try to keep it spinning in head long enough to get it saved somewhere. Then I finally make that happen and just one or two words seem to be just a little bit off from my original verse. I sometimes think about it off and on for hours until I have that ah ha moment when I suddenly remember it in its original format. I totally agree with your statement that there doesn’t seem to be a way NOT to write, but sometimes I wish there was an on/off switch for it.

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