I’m very excited to be launching my new book Faith In Avalanches. To celebrate I’m giving away free copies of Are You In Love With Being In Love.  It’s a collection of many of my best articles on Love and Betrayal, Cheating and Karma and many of the topics that I researched and spent many hours thinking about while I was writing Faith In Avalanches.  These articles are meant to inspire my readers and that is why I pulled them together into a collection.  Over the years I received many wonderful comments on this content so hopefully you will find them interesting and helpful.  Are You In Love With Being In Love is a PDF that you can download and it is absolutely free.  Just click on the link on the bar above and complete the contact form and type the word GIVEAWAY in the subject line.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my happiness about my book launch than giving a free gift to my readers.  Sign up and enjoy!

While you’re on my site, I’d consider it a favor if you’d also read my blog post “Why I Wrote Faith In Avalanches – The Back Story” and it goes without saying that I hope you will return often and comment on the posts.  I’d love to hear from you.


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