Happy New Year – Show Us How You Can Shine


This year shake off all the dust from the negative things that happened in your past and show the world the light that’s shines from within you… Let it shine!

Excerpt –

“A little dust could never permanently dull the shine of a
genuine diamond…”

“OK Mom. That’s cool.”

“Yes, cool, we’ll always be cool, Julietta and Sienna
Christopher. Remember what I taught you when
you were little, nothing can keep us down, we’re the
Christopher girls; we sparkle and shine even in darkness.”

“Sure Mom, but I’ve always wondered when you say
that, exactly how do you sparkle in the dark?”

“The sparkle doesn’t disappear just because the light
dims Sienna. It’s always there just waiting to become
visible when the light hits it again.”

Excerpt From Faith In Avalanches

Happy New Year – Happy 2015

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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