Holidays Come And Holidays Go – But Memories Live On

photo(117)Lately it seems like a lot of people are less than enthralled with celebrating traditional holidays. Here, there and everywhere you hear comments like, “What’s all the fuss about?” Or “It’s just another holiday – probably no different than the one the year before, or the year before that.”

I understand why some people might allow themselves to think that way, however, they are wrong. Holidays are specific markers in the timelines of people’s lives, family traditions, and the history of where we live and our heritage. Again, I can anticipate the comments, “Why should I care about how my Great Grandparents celebrated their holidays back in the day?” Well because everything that they did back in the day, paved the way for us to have the right to celebrate, or not celebrate now. So Holidays Come And Holidays Go, and if we continue to dilute the traditions that created them we must face the reality that someday there will be no reason to acknowledge them at all.

So this Thanksgiving when you decide to ignore your Aunt’s Pumpkin Pie made from her mother’s secret recipe; or you refuse to join into the toast before dinner because you’re annoyed at your Dad for always saying the same things every year; or your cousin couldn’t get the day off from work to come to dinner, just ask yourself, “how would you feel if next year there was a decree that holidays would no longer be given by employers as a paid day off for any professions, and there were no special pictures to Pin or Post or Tweet or even to print and frame? How would you feel if there were no new special memories to be made, to live on into the future, from special holidays celebrated?

As I write this I’m watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, just as I have year after year for many, many years. What wonderful traditional holiday stories Charles Shultz gave to all of us when he wrote all his Charlie Brown holiday stories. What a wonderful use of his talents and gifts to create timeless traditional holiday stories shared by generation after generation. Those of us who are writers have an opportunity to support all of the wonderful holidays, and their accompanying traditions and celebrations.

Yes,  Holidays Come And Holidays Go  but if we’re lucky, thankfully for those who celebrate them and their traditions, holidays are markers of time, tributes to family members who are still here and also those who are now gone, and most importantly they are memory makers of special memories that have the potential to live on and on…
Happy Thanksgiving!

Kate Woods
I Aspire To Inspire

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