HOPE – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card

Butterflies, Caterpillars, Hope, & Despair
Just when the caterpillar thought
the world was over,
she became a butterfly.” –  Proverb
How many times has your heart been so broken that you thought that the world could end in the next moment and you wouldn’t care at all? What is that horrible depressed feeling? It’s despair! But its important to try to take a moment to realize on the other side of despair is HOPE! When someone has broken your heart, or when love has diminished and fizzled away without your consent, don’t despair. When you are at odds with important people in your life and your relationships are difficult to navigate successfully and happily, TURN to HOPE. It’s free. It’s available to all. Without it, butterflies might become extinct.

HOPE is a great buzz word these days but HOPE is also an absolutely necessary emotion for all people to have in their arsenal. Why? Well let’s examine that concept. If the caterpillar was in such a state of despair that it was convinced the world was over, that it decided to end its existence early, it would have never lived to fly. Not only that, what if the caterpillar was so distressed by its appearance that it was despondent, and just didn’t care to carry on and it gave up and rolled under a bike wheel. It would have never known how truly beautiful it would have become. It could have evolved into a gorgeous, colorful, beautiful, ethereal, free spirited creation with the ability to follow a path, a road or even just flights of fancy. It may have contributed to the quality of the world in effective beneficial ways.
Despair is just a rut in the road, not a bottomless pit. So when you feel like a frustrated somewhat dull looking caterpillar and your patience is tested by waiting for your life to change, or your relationships to get better, or for the world to change, think of that butterfly and the fact that there is a great big world that is waiting for you to evolve and hold onto your HOPE.
Your HOPE will help you evolve and become a beautiful part of the world. As you share your bright new gorgeous colors as you flit and fly through life think about how terrible it would have been if you, like that caterpillar, had given into that despair. With enough HOPE a butterfly can fly over or around even a bottomless pit.
So, remember that HOPE lives within each of us. It is always there within to draw upon if despair tries to sneak in to take away the right to fly and soar in your life like a butterfly, or the right to share and disperse and enjoy all the beautiful colors of life. HOPE is like a GPS or a map on the road of despair. There may be a few detours along the road, but ultimately your GPS or your map will help you find the way to your destination. Just when you think you’re hopelessly lost you arrive at your desired location. So keep your GPS, your maps and your HOPE with you to help you navigate not only the road of despair, but all roads of life.

Very early in my writing career I decided with very little difficulty what I’d use as my tag line because I knew why I wanted to write. I aspired to inspire people to improve and enhance their lives. So, it was logical that my tag line would read “I Aspire To Inspire”. I wanted to make a difference with my writing, whether it was fiction or non-fiction because it was clear that there were many unhappy, confused people in the world who could benefit from a little inspiration.  With that in mind I’ve added a new feature to my blog – Wickedly Wise Inspiration Cards.

I’ll be adding a new card every week and I’d love to send them to you to add a little inspiration to your week.  If the idea of receiving a little inspiration at an unexpected moment sounds good to just send me your email address below.  Or check back often if you need a little inspiration.

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be!
Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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