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I have a new wonderful special memory thanks to Mystery Lovers Bookshop and everyone who attended my book launch. This past Saturday Mystery Lovers hosted a Coffee & Crime Event to “Launch” my new book – Faith In Avalanches. Laurie, the owner, was kind enough to interview me about my book with professional style and ease.

As I looked around the room at the faces focused on me as I answered the questions about my book, I focused on all of their  faces.  There were some friendly faces of readers who I did not know who had registered for the event. There were also many familiar faces of my amazing friends and supportive family members, and my publishers.  Some of them probably could have answered some of the questions for me because I had been working on Faith In Avalanches for just about three years, and many of them had listened to me ramble about my storyline and my characters, and anything that was book related in my head, that I had to bounce off of someone with a fresh perspective.

It was a big deal, not only for me that I’d finished my book, but also for all the people who traveled the path with me off and on for those three years. Not one of them would ever be able to comprehend how special it was for me to see all their smiling faces listening to me talk about “my book” again, now that it was finally finished.

My inaugural launch event at Mystery Lovers Bookshop was just the first event of the launching of my book. These days a book launch is not just one day, it’s a series of events to make your book more and more visible and recognizable to readers.  I am sure that there will be other events that I will thoroughly enjoy, but those smiles and grins at the first event were as satisfying as the first smile of a newborn baby.

It’s important to acknowledge and thank all the people who travel the path with you to your special inaugural book launch or any other special goal you traveled a path to reach.

“Friends and Family support you through your hopes and dreams and aspirations, and as they do, they help you create special new memories to cherish forever!”

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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