Perfect? Are You Perfectly Perfect? …

PERFECT? Are You Perfectly Perfect? I Sure Hope Not! Perfection Can Be So Boring!
PERFECT? Are You Perfectly Perfect? I Sure Hope Not! Perfection Can Be So Boring!

PERFECT? Are you PERFECTLY PERFECT? I sure hope not! Perfection can be so boring. You may be wondering why anyone would think that being perfect in every way is boring. Well lets just think about that for a minute. If you have 4 perfect red roses in a bouquet with one pink rose in the center it is generally the one that is different that draws your attention even if its imperfect.  Perfection can be very boring.

But what about striving to be the best you that you can be? That’s a different story. People can be their best without being perfect and sometimes your best is better than someone else’s perfect.

How truly boring the world would be if everyone and everything was perfect. I think that everyone is less than perfect because I subscribe to the theory that there is truly no such thing as true Perfection.  So just be the best you that you can be, and do the best that you can do and you will be an awesome imperfect YOU!

“I’m not PERFECT!

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