Are You Tenacious? The Link Between Success And Tenacity

imageDo you ever wonder why some people achieve success while others who are equally talented don’t? I’m sure there are many reasons but I think that perhaps  one of the most important and consistent is that they are blessed with a healthy does of tenacity.

What exactly is tenacity?  According to tenacity is the quality of being tenaciousor of holding fast; persistence.

I’m happy to say that now and then I’ve been referred to as tenacious and I have taken it as a compliment. That being said I certainly hope it’s true and that it helps me on my journeys through life. I refer to it as stick-to-it-ness (which is, of course,  a made up word). The way I see it, if you keep trying, you will never have to look back and think you may have been more successful in your endeavors if only you hadn’t given up, and even if you don’t reach your goals it will not be for lack of effort.

So, write yourself a Success Sticky Note – RIGHT NOW – TODAY!


And, after some additional consideration, I do believe that if someone calls you tenacious you should consider it a compliment.  So smile and say  – Thank You!

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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