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Is Pet Insurance a RipOff?
Is Pet Insurance a RipOff?

Is Pet Insurance A RipOff?

 Let me introduce you all to my Furry Family Members.  Our little Chihuahua is 8 lbs. of pure mischief and love. My Littlest Furry Family Member isn’t less important to us because she has a Heart Murmur… We have many special names for her but the pet insurance company we had coverage with just calls her “a pet with a preexisting condition” and would not  pay our insurance claims.

According To the Insurance Company Even A Condition Not Yet Diagnosed Can Be Classified As A Preexisting Condition When It Is Diagnosed – Really…?

I recently had a very disillusioning experience when I purchased pet insurance for my 7 year old Chihuahua. We’d been to the Vet as she was experiencing what we thought were seasonal allergies. After a through exam, our Vet agreed that the symptoms she was exhibiting seemed consistent with seasonal allergies.  We immediately started her on medication for her allergies.  Coincidentally, at that time we started getting emails from the insurance company we deal with for other insurance products indicating that they were endorsing a particular pet insurance product. We decided that it might not be a bad time to get our little Chi some pet insurance.  Wow – were we ever wrong.  We applied for the insurance, prepaid the first month’s premium and sailed through our 2 week waiting period.  Unfortunately, our little one’s symptoms were not improving after trying several different allergy medications.  So we decided another trip to the vet was needed.  Our Vet suggested we have some tests done and it was determined that we were not dealing with allergies.  We were dealing with heart disease. We were blown away, but we started treatment immediately and her quality of life is greatly improved.  It seems that the statement “better living through chemistry ” is sometimes a very good thing.

Our Littlest Furry Family Member is full of mischief and love
Our Littlest Furry Family Member is full of mischief and love

After things settled down and she began to feel better, I submitted a claim to our pet insurance company.  In just a few days I received an email that indicated that even though she had never been treated for a heart condition, according to them it was a preexisting condition and none of the costs related to her tests, medications or treatments would be covered.  Really…?  She wasn’t even diagnosed with this condition until after her waiting period passed.

Hello…..  Health Insurance Companies for human beings no longer   make denials of insurance coverage or care due to preexisting conditions in most cases; perhaps the pet insurance companies should also choose a path to enlightenment and change their coverage regarding preexisting conditions such as genetic heart murmurs.

A Quickie Survey – Is Pet Insurance a RipOff?  It’s just 5 easy questions.  I’d truly appreciate your participation.

According to VCA Animal Hospital –  an  innocent or physiologic heart murmur is a heart murmur that has no impact on the dog’s health. It is very common for young puppies, especially large breed puppies, to develop an innocent heart murmur while they are growing rapidly. The murmur may first appear at 6-8 weeks of age… , In general, a physiologic or innocent heart murmur will have a low intensity (usually Grade I-II out of VI), and does not cause any symptoms or clinical signs. Structural heart problems may be congenital (the dog is born with a defective heart) or acquired (a structural heart problem develops later in life).

This Is Our Furry GrandDog! She Loves To Bark & Bark. We think she thinks she's talking.
This Is Our Furry GrandDog! She Loves To Bark & Bark. We think she thinks she’s talking.

Clearly some heart conditions are present at the birth of a pet. Does this fact mean that these pets should not be able to be covered with pet insurance. These pets are born with these conditions and therefore, they may be more likely to have problems later in their lives. Instead of identifying these conditions as preexisting,  non-covered conditions and denying them pet insurance coverage, pet insurance providers should be working hard to make cost effective insurance available to pet owners. I know they’re in business to make money; but they should have some concern for the animals they say are so important to them, in their advertising materials.

Even though I know that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, and it probably won’t happen,  I still think it should! Truthfully, a very large proportion of pet owners view their pets as valuable members of their families.  It’s time for the Pet Insurance Industry to see them that way too.  Unless, of course, they really only care about collecting their insurance premiums and they don’t care about the quality of care that our pets receive.

I’d like to gather some opinions on the  subject of pet insurance and preexisting conditions in pets, to bring awareness to this particular issue. If you have a minute please take a this Quickie Survey.  My furry little Chi and my furry GrandDog,  who both have preexisting conditions, and all the other pets being denied coverage and  I would greatly appreciate your input!

A Quickie Survey – Is Pet Insurance a RipOff?  As I noted above, it’s just 5 easy questions.  I’d truly appreciate your participation.

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