SOME THINGS TAKE TIME BUT - There Are Only 3 Steps To Reaching Any Goal...
SOME THINGS TAKE TIME BUT – There Are Only 3 Steps To Reaching Any Goal…



  • The First Step!
  • The Next Step!
  • And The Last Step!

Here’s a little food for thought if you’ve found your way to this page about a 3 step plan to reach your goals. After thinking a great deal about this, I decided that no matter what your goal is that there really are only three steps required to reach it – The first step, the next step, and the last step! Just think about it for a minute or two.  It makes sense, right?  Now that should motivate you! If you start out thinking there’s just too much to do to make something happen, you may get a little disheartened and give up, and never take the first step. Now even though some things take time, and some steps may take more time than others, if you take this 3 step approach, who knows, you just may set your goal and reach it in 3 steps!  Now notice I didn’t say 3 easy steps or 3 small steps, but then even if some things take time and they may not be easy to do, that doesn’t mean they are impossible to do!  A little tenacity definitely helps one to reach the goals they are attempting to reach .   Now even a healthy does of tenacity doesn’t always mean you’ll be successful in reaching your goal, however, if you don’t try to reach a goal, you probably have very little potential of  ever reaching it! And it’s also important to realize that  Some Things Take Time and Tenacity and Patience!

Blogs are great and I love to write involved, in depth posts to share inspirational thoughts but sometimes people really just like to read something short and sweet and thought provoking .

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