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Mindfulness – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card

Mindfulness - A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card - Author, Kate Woods - Be Mindful NOW!
Mindfulness – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card – Author, Kate Woods – Be Mindful NOW!

What is MINDFULNESS?  According to Psychology Today Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. … Instead of letting your life pass you by, without any thought of the current here and now,  mindfulness means living in the moment  … 

I tend to interpret Mindfulness as being aware of the here and now  and everything about the present moment.  It follows then that a person would tend to be ever vigilant – always being alert and  watchful,  to avoid danger, and to be prepared for potential catastrophes at all times.  If you are always mindful and in the present perhaps you would notice the little things that if left unnoticed, might become catastrophe if overlooked. Now that may sound just a bit negative but I think it falls right in between being overly pessimistic and overly optimistic.  It’s a nice comfortable place in the middle – often referred to as BALANCE. The more difficult moments you avoid in your present, the more comfortable your overall existence may be moving forward.

What is your interpretation of Mindfulness?  Your thoughts and comments on this post are welcome! You never know if what you have to say is just what someone else needs to hear… so what you share may be an unexpected gift to another reader…

“I Aspire To Inspire” my readers with my words and my writing. I wanted to make a difference with my writing, whether it is fiction or non-fiction.  With that in mind I’ve added a new feature to my blog – Wickedly Wise Inspiration Cards.  I’ll be adding a new card every week and I’d love to send them to you to add a little inspiration in your inbox.  If the idea of receiving a little inspiration at an unexpected moment sounds good to you sign up for my Karma Buzz Newsletter.  Or check back weekly for my new Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card of the Week.

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