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Rise Above It And SOAR – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card

Rise Above It And SOAR - A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card - By Kate Woods
Rise Above It And SOAR – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card – By Kate Woods


Men and women in today’s world have great challenges before them. Pretending that you don’t will only make them worse.   To be successful you may have to SOAR above the mediocrity and games. When you’re looking for a relationship partner being willing to settle for intentional under achievers and people who do not have any idea how a real relationship is supposed to work, will make it difficult to be able to rise above mediocrity.  One of those childish games includes  pretending that successful relationships and successful careers that lead to fulfilling lives will just happen if you’re a good game player. You generally actually have to attain an education and/or skills and to expend some effort to make progress in life.

In life there are many times when a person will tell someone to man up or to be a man, or to be a REAL MAN. However in many instances, the definition of a real man is somewhat foggy these days.  Many men in these times seem to have no idea what comprises the essence of a real man, and many women are confused as to what they should be looking for in a real man. Being a real man in reality has less to do with his physical appearance than the integrity and honor  that drives them to say and do the things that they say and do. Being classified male at birth does not make a male a real man.  How they live life day after day is how they earn that classification.

Women also must learn how to have realistic expectations regarding relationships, career choices, and how to meet many of the same challenges that men face in the real world. The real challenge for the women in the world is to not settle for anything less than what they are looking for in their friends or a partner for life. If there aren’t enough genuine grown ups to go around perhaps its time to start telling those who are immature long after when they should have attained some level of maturity, and those who underachieve for lack of trying, what they need to do to be upgraded to contenders.  Being a real woman is equally important and it means more than knowing how to cook, how to wear clothes well, and making good hair and nail color choices, etc.

Men and women that want to have successful lives and successful relationships  really have to stand up and be counted more now than ever. But don’t worry you can do it! Start with a plan, add a lot of common sense and determination and go ahead and Rise Above It and SOAR!

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be! If You Enjoyed This Post You Might Also Enjoy My Growing Collection of  Wickedly Wise Inspiration Cards.

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Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

Confidence – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card

Confidence - A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card - Find The Confidence You Need To Soar
Confidence – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card – Find The Confidence You Need To Soar

Who among us doesn’t want to have the Confidence to excel at everything that we attempt to do? Who among us doesn’t want to have the Confidence to reach within ourselves to find the “Confidence to SOAR” to meet our highest aspirations like a great bird flying high above the ocean without a care in the world?

Confidence is belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance. It is an extremely desirable trait for anyone who has goals that they hope to reach.  Do you have it? Do you want it? Some people think you have to be born confident; but I disagree!  I believe that if you have a goal, and you want to reach it, you have to believe in your ability to attain it.  Start by telling yourself every day that you want to reach that goal; and that you can reach that goal. Just like the Little Engine That Could kept telling himself, “I think I can… I think I can… I think I can” you can first convince yourself to believe in the fact that you can reach one specific goal at a time. 

As you reach the first goal you should suddenly realize that you have created the first layer of confidence within.  Even if you don’t reach every goal afterwards, if you keep accepting challenges you will eventually reach other goals and you will have created a more confident you – with the power to reach within yourself to find the CONFIDENCE TO SOAR!

Very early in my writing career I decided with very little difficulty what I’d use as my tag line because I knew why I wanted to write. I aspired to inspire people to improve and enhance their lives. So, it was logical that my tag line would read “I Aspire To Inspire”. I wanted to make a difference with my writing, whether it was fiction or non-fiction because it was clear that there were many unhappy, confused people in the world who could benefit from a little inspiration.  With that in mind I’ve added a new feature to my blog – Wickedly Wise Inspiration Cards.

I’ll be adding a new card every week and I’d love to send them to you to add a little inspiration to your week.  If the idea of receiving a little inspiration at an unexpected moment sounds good to you sign up for my Karma Buzz Newsletter.  Or check back often if you need a little inspiration.

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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