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Come along with me on a journey to The Witchery,
Where life’s questions all have answers…
Become Wickedly Wise, Feel Alive, and Thrive…
Be Inspired by both its Fantasy and its Reality,
As you move from page to page
At The Witchery on Euphoria Way!

* * *

I am so pleased to present The Witchery to all of you.  It’s my new Fantasy Series  for Kindle!   It’s filled with Wickedly Wise Wisdom and it will not fail to entertain all, but especially those who love Everyday Magic, Fantasy,  Mystery and Witchery”  – Welcome to the Witchery on Euphoria Way  … Where Life’s Questions All Have Answers...   (The Witchery is now available in the Kindle Store on Add your email address on the sidebar if you would like to receive an email notifications of LAUNCH DATES.  Check out the teaser below for THE WITCHERY – A Fantasy Series For Kindle On Amazon

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

THE WITCHERY – A Fantasy Series For Kindle On Amazon


The Crime of Bitchery

Volume 1

For her Crime of Bitchery she was sentenced
To rehabilitation at The Witchery…
Where Life’s Questions All Have Answers…

Welcome to “THE WITCHERY” located on Euphoria Way.   Getting in is easy, getting back out? That’s another story… The location of The Witchery is protected from the inquiring minds and eyes of those who misunderstand that the ugly evil witches portrayed in fairy tales and folk lore do not bear any resemblance to modern day Wiccan. There’s a fine line between Wickedness and Wiccanness. It’s a tightrope and the proprietors of the Witchery walk it well – above it is Serenity – below it is Living Hell!

The Witches of Forevermore were ready to welcome Jade Hart to the Witchery on Euphoria Way… They had been expecting her for awhile now. Word of her had been carried to them by the wind and its magical messengers – the birds.
Only a select few people were called to the Witchery on Euphoria Way. You couldn’t just decide to go to there – you didn’t find it – it found you! Jade found that out when she woke up on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere next to a signpost somewhere in rural Pennsylvania, early in the summer. She had a pounding headache, no money, no phone, no identification and no purse. The sign was the only thing she could see in the distance in any direction. The dirt road seemed to be a private road through fields that extended as far as the naked eye could see. It was a weathered wooden sign beautifully carved, on a post that appeared to be a road marker of some sort. She stood up to get a closer look as she couldn’t read the small print without getting closer because she didn’t have her glasses on. Of course, her glasses were also in her purse that was missing.


This road we’re on is a hard one,
With plenty of troubles that get in the way,
Sometimes we get side tracked by all the detours,
And feel like we’re starting over everyday.

But you have found the right rambling pathway,
This road that’s known as Euphoria Way …
Where we will teach you what real peace is –
So you can finally win life’s game that we all must play.

The Witches of Forevermore

I thought it was a very odd sign to be here in the middle of a field, almost as odd as me being in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. The last thing that I remembered from the night before was being at happy hour, at Saldoni’s Bar with a guy I met in the parking lot when I left work at the pizza shop. He was hot – I mean unbelievably hot. For some reason though, his name now escapes me. It disappeared along with him and my designer purse and everything in it. He must have spiked my drink when I went to the little girl’s room because the last thing I could remember was him winking at me with his piercing green eyes and thinking again that he was really hot before his image disappeared into a blurry fog. And there were no other memories between then and waking up now in the middle of nowhere by this signpost.
“Where the hell am I … and what do I do now?” …

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”


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