Trust – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card

Trust - A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card - Author, Kate Woods - Trust Is ...
Trust – A Wickedly Wise Inspiration Card – Author, Kate Woods – Trust Is One of Life’s Tricky Trails…


This Weeks Word To Ponder Is Trust…

Trust is one of life’s tricky trails.  It can be extremely strong or extremely fragile. It can appear to be a straight and narrow trail or a twisted trail. Sometimes the biggest decision you have to make in a relationship is whether you can trust the other person or people in the relationship. Can you trust your partner, or not? Can you trust your family, or not? Can you trust your friends, or not? Can you trust your employer, or not? It’s an extremely important decision that often is never made in some relationships.  Ultimately, it ends up being a judgement call so the most important person you may need to trust is yourself and hope that you can rely on your own judgement.

Very early in my writing career I decided with very little difficulty what I’d use as my tag line because I knew why I wanted to write. I aspired to inspire people to improve and enhance their lives. So, it was logical that my tag line would read “I Aspire To Inspire”. I wanted to make a difference with my writing, whether it was fiction or non-fiction because it was clear that there were many unhappy, confused people in the world who could benefit from a little inspiration.  With that in mind I’ve added a new feature to my blog – Wickedly Wise Inspiration Cards.

I’ll be adding a new card every week and I’d love to send them to you to add a little inspiration to your week.  If the idea of receiving a little inspiration at an unexpected moment sounds good to you sign up for my Karma Buzz Newsletter.  Or check back often if you need a little inspiration.

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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