Unrealistic Expectations


We all have the very logical expectation that that sun will rise every day. It’s a realistic viewpoint. So we know what it is to experience a Realistic Expectation. Yet it is a sad but true fact that many people suffer endlessly from their unrealistic expectations. They continuously exist with a gigantic albatross weighing them down. It’s like a huge cloud hanging over the heads of those who live with unrealistic expectations.

Unrealistic expectations differ from person to person.  Some people think they are entitled to have the perfect relationship; or to find a perfect job that is exactly what they want with an accompanying gigantic  income; or that they can find a way to eat all they want, or drink all they want and not exercise at all but still be healthy and look great and function at a high level in all their endeavors.

Everyone should have goals, and it follows that those goals will be accompanied with expectations but it’s important to dream of attaining them while also realizing that they will become more attainable if they are based in reality.

Realistic Expectations – are great motivators!
Unrealistic Expectations – are great albatrosses!

It’s never good to lie to yourself and unrealistic expectations are lies you tell yourself.   Realistic Expectations on the other hand are motivators that can sometimes help you attain amazing results that far exceed your Unrealistic Expectations.

“Keep Your Expectations Real!”

Kate Woods
“I Aspire To Inspire”

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