My Way… Everyone Has Their Own Opinion


Don’t you hate it when you, and anyone or everyone else, see something completely differently?  I know I do!  It’s frustrating because you feel like you can’t do a thing about it.  But you can… You can change the way that you react to them and their opinion.  It’s probably not really their inability to see your point of view that causes you so much distress.  It may actually be your inability to control your emotions and reactions that are causing your stress.  So if you’re stressing out about a disagreement of opinion you’re having with someone, you might want to try just accepting that you have a difference of opinion and that’s okay.  If you change not your opinion, but your reaction to their opinion, you have more control of the situation.

I know, you’re probably thinking, but I want it “My Way”.  Now to be clear, you may still feel a little bit annoyed by that fact and that you can’t make the other person see your point of view, but you deescalate the controversy and no one wins and no one loses.  After all, everyone has their own opinion. There is  something to be said for the sage wisdom of life’s truisms and one of my favorites is :

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

When you take this approach to differences of opinion, you are at least in control of your own reaction to any given situation.

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