What’s Your Book About? It’s Like A MashUp of…


“So, what’s your book about Kate?”

Well, that a great question.  I thought you’d never ask. Just kidding, of course! For awhile, I agonized about how to adequately answer that question, and then – BA-Bamm – I had an epiphany!

I realized the reason I was ruminating about this question and  answer so much was because Faith In Avalanches has multiple storylines that intertwine throughout the book.   It’s like a MashUp of a Lifetime Movie with The Good Wife, with a Criminal Minds Twist and a  Gone Girl Psychotic Edginess! It’s a MashUp of interesting characters, the good, the bad, and the ugly, driven by Karma and life’s avalanches.

What a relief, I feel much better now that I’ve classified Faith In Avalanches. However, I don’t believe there’s currently a MashUp genre for books, so technically I’ll still have to classify it as Contemporary Fiction – that’s a Suspense Thriller – with a Legal Twist – about Sociopaths – Love – Betrayal – Murder – Vengeance and Karma – with a Neo-Noir dark edginess.


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